Saturday, April 5, 2014

Almost There!

I'm almost finished with typing up my second book. Got to the last chapter and started to type it up, but then I realized that it was rushed. Probably because I felt rushed to get it finished. So, as I'm typing it, I'm going to edit it to make it seem less rushed and fit better with the rest of the book. I'm really excited to get this out to you readers. I think this is better than my previous book which, apparently, is what writers are supposed to feel. More writing means more practice and experience at it means better books.

There was one point this past week where I wasn't able to work. That's because the power went out in the house while I was working. This is one reason why I hand-write everything first! You never know when you're going to lose everything and need a hard copy.

As for the sports thing... Well, at least the Tigers are doing great! Can't say the same for the Spartans. I really want to just forget about basketball and focus on baseball. It's kind of hard when every channel seems to talk about the Final Four.

That publishing opportunity that I wrote about before? After some research, found out it's probably a scam. Was hesitant to go that route anyway.

Time to get back to typing and working on that last chapter that just doesn't fit. If things keep going the way they are, then I should be done with the typing tonight or tomorrow morning. I think I said that before, but every time I tried to buckle down and get to work, someone bothered me with something and I ended up distracted and unable to concentrate on writing. Unfortunately, I have that problem. This time though, I'm pretty confident that I'll get this finished soon! So, until next Saturday, have a great week!

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