Saturday, November 16, 2013

So Many Boxes... Just Box After Box...

Most of this week was spent at looking at marketing techniques to get my book more noticed in the public eye. The only thing that has been implemented so far is the Facebook ads. So far, it's working. I think. The Facebook page for The Hunters and Vampires Chronicles now has over 100 likes, but I have no idea if it's translating into sales.Through my Smashwords account, I only know the sales at Apple through the end of September and most of the other places are updated just as rarely. But, on the other hand, I am SO freaking excited that it's got over 100 likes! It makes me feel like I did something right, like I got an A+ on a project or something.

Speaking of projects, yesterday was kind of a project for me. The project consisted of unpacking boxes and trying to fit five giant boxes worth of stuff into a small kitchen with limited space. I volunteered to help my mom and aunts move my grandma into a retirement community. Her little apartment there is really nice since it was just redone for her. She even got to pick out some of the permanent things like the tiles for the bathroom floor. The place also lets her keep her dog and everything is connected so she doesn't have to worry about leaving the building to go out to eat since there's a restaurant in the building. Plus, there are people there that check and make sure that she's okay every day. It means that none of us have to worry about her living alone anymore. On the other side of my family, my great grandma who is over 100 is still living on her own. I guess people age differently.

My parents are going back there today, but I'm staying home to watch the dog. She was alone for most of the day yesterday and now she's clinging to me as though watching to make sure I don't leave again. Plus, this morning, she jumped around like a gazelle when she saw that I was awake. Keep in mind that this is a fully grown Dalmatian that, at her age, should be considered an elderly dog.

So, that's what happened this past week. Hope everyone has a great week and I'll put up another post next Saturday.

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