Saturday, October 5, 2013

Musical Interlude

For this post, I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to focus on one thing: music.

Now, you're probably thinking, 'Wait a second. This is a writer, not a musician. Why is she talking about music in her blog?' Well, music is part of my writing process. Whenever I want to get a scene perfect, I listen to a song that fits the mood of that scene. For instance, while writing the final battle scene in Unnatural Alliances, I listened to Disturbed's Inside The Fire and Sixx:A.M.'s This Is Gonna Hurt over and over. The music put me in the mindset I needed to keep my focus on the scene I was writing and transfer what was in my mind to the page. So, for those of you wondering why I follow so many musicians on Twitter, that's why. The music they make helps me write.

Music has also helped me with writer's block. In this case, it's not a specific song, it's a genre. So, for Unnatural Alliances, I'd listen to a lot of rock and alternative music until something clicked and I'd get back to writing. It usually doesn't take more than a couple of days. Sometimes it would be after only one song and I'd crack my writer's block.

Just like books, music has been a big part of my life. During the nineties/early thousands, I was the perfect age to be affected by boy bands. Might be the reason that I have a slight liking of today's boy bands even though I don't usually listen to pop music anymore. After the boy bands began to break-up, I tried to listen to other pop music, but nothing really felt right. So, I moved to country where I settled for a while. My sister unintentionally introduced me to alternative music which I quickly latched onto. Once I got into college, one of my new friends there brought me into the rock scene. So, now I listen to rock and alternative mostly. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll change again, but I'm happy with this music right now and it's helping me write (something that none of the other genres did).

I was a part of a band in school. As in, instrumental band. It was part of my schedule in school. I played clarinet. Started in fifth grade and didn't stop until the end of high school. I even gave up guitar lessons to take clarinet lessons to get into a higher band in high school. Kind of wish I was able to take both. Still have my guitar, but I only remember how to play one song: Let It Be by The Beatles. Good song though. I remember at one point my friends and I wanted to start a band, but it didn't get further than talking. Oh well, I still have my writing.

So, the post for this week is over. See you next week! Until then, have a good week!

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