Saturday, September 21, 2013


So excited this past week! I put my book up for publishing on Smashwords and I've already sold one! When I first saw that, I kind of stared at my laptop screen for a bit before getting up and dancing around the house. Think I annoyed the rest of my family with that. You can find it here:

That game I went to was sweet. Would have been sweeter if we won the game, but can't hold it against them since they've won almost every game since. At least I got to have part of a pretzel that was as big as a pizza! That pretzel was like heaven in my mouth. The only problem I really had with it was that I had to take something to eat it with cheese since I'm lactose intolerant.

My dog woke me up this morning at seven with her barking. Tried to ignore it, but eventually had to get up to see what she was barking at. My sister had brought her bass drum into the house and my dog was barking at the drum. So, I just went back to sleep. Ended up having a nightmare that my book didn't make it into the premium catalog.

What's the premium catalog you ask? Well, it's the books on Smashwords that are distributed to the major e-book providers (except Amazon). My book is still under the 'pending review' stage. For those people interested in getting a Kindle version, I'm still formatting my book to fit Amazon's guidelines. I should have it done before this month ends.

Yesterday, I made this recipe that I found in a magazine. It had potatoes, bacon and some creamy stuff. I put it all into a crock pot and, seven hours later, dinner was served. Pretty good stuff. Not the best dish I've ever made, but still tasty. Speaking of food, I have some Irish Cream coffee this morning. Useful for keeping me awake since I didn't get much sleep last night.

Had an interview for a job this week. Hoping that it went well, but haven't heard back yet. Also got a call from a science company, but I don't fit their needs right now. See, my college degree is actually in science, not English or writing or anything that would show that I should be a writer. While I always thought of science as my career choice, books have been my passion. Hoping that I can turn that passion into a career, but until then, gotta pay the bills somehow.

Anyway, hope that all of you have a great week and I'll put up another post next Saturday.

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