Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow Dog

Seeing as how I'm still sick, I don't really have much to say as I couldn't really do anything. I've even gotten through almost three bags of cough drops to keep my cough from getting nasty. Had to postpone my interview because of it. My writing has slowed so much that I'm worried I'm not going to make my self-imposed deadline to get the first draft done by the first of January.

On the plus side, my sister's home from college for the holidays and brought a set of books that I'd been interested in reading. Got through the first book in less than twenty-four hours and into a good portion of the second one. Yes, I realize that my own writing should take precedence over reading someone else's, but I can't help it. The booklover in me loves both sides of the book world: reading and writing.

It's been snowing off and on this past week here. Mostly just some light dusting, but now there's a good portion of snow on the ground out there. Makes me want hot chocolate and marshmallows. Whenever there's a lot of snow outside, I love to go outside with my dog. She loves playing catch with snowballs and when she doesn't catch them, she sticks her snout in the snow, searching for the mysterious, missing ball. When we first got her, it was January and there was tons of snow around. She was too small to actually travel through it, so my dad dug out this little path for her in the backyard so she could walk on the ground and not 'do her business' on the deck. Funny thing is that she used to be so scared of the snow, but now she loves jumping around in it.

I guess I can leave on that story since I don't really have anything else to say. (Stupid cold...) So, until next time, have a great week!

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