Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hand Writing

I'm still getting over this stupid cold, so I really don't have anything new to report this week. As a result, I have to do all my Christmas shopping last minute. I've never done Christmas shopping this late, so I'm a bit worried about the crowds. Hopefully, I can find what I need to get my family and friends.

Still holding out hope that I'll get my next book's first draft done by the new year. It's coming around nicely, but I'm not even halfway done with it. I might have to lock myself in my room and go on a writing spree to get this thing done. The thing I have to worry about the most is hand cramps. See, I write out my books with a pen and paper first. It allows me an extra step in editing when I finally type it up. Plus, I'll always have the original hard copy to prove that I actually wrote the book. Writing it out by hand started because I would write my stories in class in middle school, high school and college. Most of the classes didn't allow computers, so I wrote out ideas and stories by hand. I would continue writing it by hand outside of class to stay consistent. So, my writing is always better when I start it writing by hand. Some people think it's weird in this technological age, but I prefer it that way. I love the feel of putting the pen on paper. It's like there's no barriers between my mind and the words I'm writing. With a computer or tablet, the screen's in the way, making it feel unreal.

I could go into more detail on my writing process, but I think I'm going to save that for a later post. Maybe after I get to the next step after hand writing out the book. So, I'll put up another post next week and I hope all of you that celebrate it have a Merry Christmas. For those that don't celebrate it, I still hope you have an amazing week and have your own happy holiday.

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